Muddy Little Hooligans

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Christmas is finally over, Neil has to go back to work tomorrow which is a dam shame as now I have to go back to poo hoovering the paddocks on my own:0((

All my planning came to nowt as none of the jobs I wanted doing were done due to the weather, but hey ho there’s always another day :0))

What really matter’s is that all the Alpaca’s are ok, which they are. They have coped amazingly well, especially considering all the time they have spent cooped up in the barn.

How quickly they settle into a new routine, At the moment they are desperate to get into the barn as soon as the light starts fading come late afternoon. It won’t be too long now hopefully, before they are outside full time and then if I need them in the barn that will be the last place they’d want to go :0))

All the girls are a tad grumpy which is great news as it means they are all still pregnant. I just love it when the pregnant girls walk pass the stud pens and each one of them aims a warning spit at the boys. Poor Imp and High Com you’d think they’d have learnt by now to stay out of there way. Not to worry boys come summer they will all be wanting you :0))

The weanling’s are doing well, the baby boys have finally stopped grizzling for their mommies. Why is it always the boys who make so much fuss? The girls just take it in their stride and get on with it. Is that the same for everyone or is it just my boys that are babies?

The boys make you feel so guilty with their little faces pressed up against the gate when I go to check on them. Mind I think their masters at playing with my emotions as when I turn the corner and look back they are busy having a great time playing with the older boys :0))

How quickly they grow it seems like only yesterday they were little sweeties now there turning into naughty little hooligans who are at their happiest rolling in the first available mud pit. No wonder their mothers were so happy to see the back of them :0))


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