More Elite Alpaca Fleece Shots

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What gorgeous weather on a bank holiday weekend too, wonders will never cease. Not to miss out on a photo opportunity I hot footed it out to the alpaca paddocks camera in hand.

Time to practice fleece shots on the boys 🙂

From the results, I’m not sure I’m getting any better at it, but at least more of them were in focus this time and there were a lot less pictures of the floor, the sky and my manky looking hands 🙂

Sorry there not perfectly parted etc.. but the boys were getting hot and sweaty and so they were taken really quick so as not to upset them to much.

Taffy Bear and Hamilton are two boys who just didn’t quite make the grade and are now wether’s. It’s such a shame as both have beautiful fleece’s but in my opinion only the very best should go on to make stud males.

Honeyfield Taffy Bear

Honeyfield Taffy Bear

Honeyfield Taffy Bear - Fleece

Honeyfield Taffy Bear – Fleece

Honeyfield Hamilton

Honeyfield Hamilton

Honeyfield Hamilton - Fleece

Honeyfield Hamilton – Fleece

The next two boys Angelo and Marcus, both sired by EP Cambridge Sampson,  are the lucky ones who have made the grade and who after shearing will start work as stud males.

Honeyfield Angelo

Honeyfield Angelo

Honeyfield Angelo - Fleece

Honeyfield Angelo – Fleece


Honeyfield Marcus

Honeyfield Marcus

Honeyfield Marcus - Fleece

Honeyfield Marcus – Fleece

Thats the bigger boys now for a couple of last years cria.

Honeyfield Intrepid

Honeyfield Intrepid

Honeyfield Intrepid

Honeyfield Intrepid

Intrepid’s sire is Wellground Close Encounter


Honeyfield Bright Spark

Honeyfield Bright Spark

Honeyfield Bright Spark - Fleece

Honeyfield Bright Spark – Fleece


Honeyfield Angel's Delight

Honeyfield Angel’s Delight

Honeyfield Angel's Delight - Fleece

Honeyfield Angel’s Delight – Fleece

I bet your thinking Angel that’s a funny name for a boy, so sorry for any confusion.  Angel is definately a girl, her pictures were taken the other day, with some of the other girls.  I forgot to upload Angels and so thought I would sneak her in on the end as both Bright Spark and Angel are sired by Imposition.

































  1. Rob @ Wellground  May 26, 2013

    Amazing fleece shots Donna, the problem with having elite genetics is making the difficult decision which males do you castrate. You have to keep only the best males entire. But with the genetics you have got, you have such a difficult decision. Taffy Bear’s fleece was super but he was up against such competition.

    The better genetics you have the harder the decisions become.



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