More chickens flying the coop

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Busy busy busy, as I’m sure you are too, why is it always so manic before Christmas?  It seems really crazy when Christmas is only one day, am I sounding like the Grinch again :0))

This weekend we raced around the farm and finished the chores super quick this gave us a little free time and as I’ve previously mentioned, Saturday we visited the folks at Willowbank Alpacas and delivered some young chickens to Lilly.

Sunday we delivered another couple of chickens to Les at Wellground and had another great day catching up.   These chickens are for the coop and not the table in case you were wondering, you wouldn’t wonder if you saw the size of them, they are tiny little things but are so very pretty and friendly.

Whilst we were visiting with Rob & Les we picked up our two fleeces that we had entered into the Scottish National Fleece Show.  Rob & Les attended the show and kindly brought our fleeces home with them.

I was very eager to read the score sheets to see how they were marked.  I find the score sheets very informative, the feedback given, helps pinpoint the area’s needed for improvement.  I was really pleased to see that Angelo’s score was only 3.5 points below the supreme champion, and Blue scored two points below Angelo which as a senior is really impressive.

I really shouldn’t be that surprised given the genetic makeup of those two, but it’s still nice to have a judge confirm how good they are and of course I also get another two rosettes to add to my growing collection :0))



  1. Rob n Les  December 3, 2012

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for the bantams, they have been named now. The little Frizzle is called ‘Tinsel’. The other two are ‘Holly’ and ‘Ivy’. I think Les has come over all festive suddenly.

    When they come out of the house, I will get some pictures, so far, looking through the pop hole is their biggest adventure.

    Speak soon.


    • Donna  December 3, 2012

      cool names Les


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