Matchsticks Needed

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What a busy weekend, I’m so shattered I can barely keep my eyes open and it’s only 3.30 pm.

Saturday started nice and early doing all the farm chores and alpaca husbandry. That completed in double quick time Neil and I left the farm in the capable hands of our off spring, Carly, Charlie and Lauren and headed of to Oswestry to attend my cousin Jason’s wedding.

What a great day, the sun was shinning, the bride Liz looked absolutely stunning and it was great to catch up with family members from overseas.

Needless to say we partied on well into the night and crawled back to our Hotel room the early hours of this morning.

We arrived back at the farm about two hours ago and have mucked out the barn and prepared it ready for the alpacas later, poo-hoovered the fields and sorted the chickens and the horses.

The kids have done a great job and there were no disasters while we were away, which is a big relief, they are more than capable but I still always worry.

All that’s left to do is put the alpacas into the barn for the night, the horses in their stables and chickens in their coop. I just have to try and stay awake for another hour or so. More coffee someone please!

I’m really feeling my age today, actually I lie, I think I feel twice my age, I so need my bed :0))





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