Let’s Dance

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Sunday morning started bright and hot as has been the usual of late. Only one female in this cluster was left in her birthing window and she was far too busy sunbathing to consider giving birth just yet or so she informed me.
Should I risk it?
My parents having taken pity on me for not leaving the farm and the pregnant girls for the last couple of months, invited Neil & I out for a spot of lunch in our village.
At 11.30 am. I was still dithering about should I go or stay. First Edition was still acting very nonchalantly, plus my daughter and her partner were at home to keep an eye on her and hey I was only going to be five minutes away.
Decision made, nasty sandwich or nice lunch out?
It was a no brainer really 🙂
After a quick shower and final check on First Edition, who was still playing at being all sweet and innocent, off we trotted to meet up with my parents.
Lunch ordered and consumed fairly quickly I have to say. I was hungry and it was very yummy 🙂
I had just settled down to enjoying my coffee when my phone rings. My daughter informing me that Yuck!!! There was a head poking out of my alpaca’s rear end and could I get home ASAP please.
Apologises to Tailwind Café there is nothing wrong with your coffee honest, there were just more pressing matters to hand awaiting me back on the farm 🙂
We arrived home in plenty of time to watch the birth of First Editions cria, much to the relief of my daughter who thinks everything to do with birthing is yuck!!! She’s gonna have a big shock one day if she ever decides to have children of her own:)
First Edition, making up for being so secretive about her imminent delivery thoughtfully had a little rest after popping out the head. Which gave me plenty of time to catch my breath before I was even close to being needed to attended to her new born youngster.
And what a cria she is, another little beauty sired by our very own Supreme Champion Angelo. That’s five absolutely stunning cria he’s sired so far, and all of them girls, what a boy!!!!
Here she is the latest addition to the herd, please welcome Honeyfield Let’s Dance.
Come on, what else could she be called 🙂

Honeyfield Let's Dance - elite alpaca

Honeyfield Let's Dance - elite alpaca
Sire: Angelo
Dam: First Edition
Lineage: Spartacus, Gianmarco & Ceasar


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