Keeping Busy

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The sun has been shining but the fields are still waterlogged as every evening we seem to have another dose of heavy rain. I know the fields are bad as yesterday we had a heron wandering around one of the paddocks, I don’t know what it was hoping to find as we might be sodden but I don’t think we’ve any fish out there just yet. :0))

The Alpacas have settled nicely in to their new routine and are quite content spending the majority of their time safely ensconced in the barn.

A recent delivery of straw will hopefully see us through to the warmer weather and now we have moved the alpaca’s onto haylage we have no worry on that front. It’s now just a waiting game, the clock is endlessly ticking forward, only two months to go until birthing starts here. Please, Please, Please let us have a nice summer this year!

With the Alpaca’s in and the ground to wet to do much work outside I’ve kept myself busy doing some knitting. As I think I’ve previously mention all our fleeces are sent to the mill to be spun into wool and I still have half a big box of it left.

I seem to go through periods when I knit a lot and other times when I seem to have no time to do any at all. All of my previous creations were sold through another outlet but I am determined this year to build up enough stock ready to open my own online shop through the web site. Hopefully some time later in the year.

This means I’m going to have to be very disiplined and not get side tracked other wise I’m not going to achieve this goal.

If anyone has any tips on how to keep my nose to the grind stone please forward them on as I know as soon as the herd is back out frolicking around in the fields that’s where all my attention will be centered and my knitting needles will just be a distant memory:0))

With the alpaca’s distracting me and my children pinching half the things I knit I know I’m proberbly fighting a losing battle, but I’m not giving up, my online shop will open just you wait and see :0))




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