I ain’t got no goats

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Someone could have warned me! Am I going mad or was I just mad anyway :0)) All my waking hours are spent thinking about what will I write next.  I’m finding that I’m now talking to myself constantly is this the malady of bloggers.

Whilst previously poovering the fields my thoughts would turn to winning the euro millions jackpot.  Oh how I would love to put a card in the job center “Farm hand wanted to poo hoover alpaca fields”.  Thoughts of shinny new machinery and barn extensions,  would fill my thoughts and before I knew it the fields were clean.

group of young male alpacas

Now that’s all changed, poovering in peace is out of the question.  The boys hearing my constant mumbling move closer and closer, they are obviously very desperate to hear about the next blog and whether it’s their turn to get a mention.  I wouldn’t mind if they came up with some useful comments instead all I get is this.

five male alpacas

I’m not saying anything, I’m just having a s**t

Is this what you’d call alpaca constructive criticism :0)) There’s always one smart alec in the group, thank you Marcus, I love you too.

a group of female alpacas

The girls just give me a wide berth, if its madness I’m displaying they don’t want to catch it, they already have their hands full keeping  The Valiant & Angel apart, two naughty little cria who are constantly snogging through the fence.

cria kissing

When farm duties are finally over and I amble back to my comfy armchair in front of the log burner, my laptop retrieved ready to begin, my mind suddenly goes blank. I don’t know if this is madness or just maddening.

Daisy a german shepard dog

Daisy, stop rolling your eyes!  I’m not mad yet.   A very wise old man (old being anything over 30 according to my kids) once told me as long as you’re not seeing goats then you’re ok.  I’m definitely not seeing any goats but now you mention it, how’s that for an idea?



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