How to Exercise the Elderly

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Here on our alpaca farm we take the welfare of all our helpers very seriously and so when It was brought to my attention late last week that our chief happy little helper aka my mother was a subject of elder abuse a full investigation was set in motion.

First off, whose the culprit? who on the farm would terrorize my poor mother, one of the alpacas?

No way! The alpacas are all far too placid and sweet natured, even Dora is really a sweet heart, unless you class her singing as abuse that is 🙂

The horses? Nope they are far too fat and lazy to be bothered with chasing my mother round the field.

Actually that’s such a shame, chasing my mother would save me lunging them for exercise 🙂

Who’s left, yes it’s got to be the usual culprits when something naughty is going on, them darn chickens.

Ronnie my tiny little toy sized cockerel has taken a dislike to my mother and we can’t for the life of us work out why.

Ronnie the cockerel

Firstly we thought it was her red yard shoes, you got to remember here how small he is I don’t think he see’s anything higher than your ankles, so we made her put her wellies on and it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference.

I’ve picked him up for her and let them have a bonding cuddle session which he loves and as soon as she puts him back down he starts chasing her round the field again.

It’s got so bad that we are struggling every day to think up a different excuse to get my mother back into that field, we are all so very very wicked but I can’t tell you how funny it is. I’m crying here just thinking about it.

Now I’ve told you all, I knew you wouldn’t be happy not to see pictures of the said occurrence and so I thank you.

My mother couldn’t argue when I said I needed the images for my blog, so I’m afraid back in she had to go 🙂

My Mother

My Mother

My Mother

My Mother

No chickens were harmed in the process of photographing this session 🙂

p.s  Just in case you were wondering Ronnie doesn’t hurt my mother, just keeps her fit 🙂






  1. Rob @ Wellground  July 1, 2013

    Kentucky Fried Ronnie, sound lipsmacking doesn’t it….


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