Hooray Day

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Hooray the rain has stopped, the wind has dropped and the forecast is the same for at least a week.  My fingers and toes are all crossed that this is true, hopefully this will give the paddocks time to drain and all the lakes that have formed on the low spots will disappear.

Thank god for the barn, the alpacas have been dry, well fed and comfortable through this stormy weather, but they are dying to get back out onto their paddocks, variety is the spice of life and I think their fed up with a diet of hay now.  Tomorrow is D-Day as long as we get no rain today the paddocks will be dry enough for them to go back out, please let the forecast be right for a change.

I shouldn’t complain listening to the news, the fatalities and damage that has been caused by the flooding, we have been very, very lucky.  Other parts of our village haven’t been so fortunate and a few houses have needed the fire brigade to pump the water out.

Surely it’s time for a cold spell now please, the alpacas have nice thick fleeces and I have a log burner, so cold, is so much better than wet. I know warm sun shine is better than cold but we have to be realistic and it’s nearly December, it’s a bit late now, for those hoping for an Indian summer:0))

I’m busy counting off the days, no not till Christmas; don’t be silly. I have my first cria due at the end of April that’s far more exciting.  Ruby Tuesday is the first due, this will be her second cria and if it’s anything like this years cria Truly Scrumptious, its worth getting excited over.

Truly Scruptious

Wasn’t she a cute cria.

Truly is outstanding and has a temperament to match, she is a real favourite here.  Her fleece is even better than her grandmothers, Blue Moon, who by the way is still winning her class in every fleece show we enter her in.  Speaking of Blue she is also due late April, I so can’t wait.

Don’t worry you have to be an alpaca breeder to be more excited by upcoming births than Christmas, even if they are months away.  Anticipating a birth is much nicer than the thought of traipsing around all those crowded shops.

The grinch


Did I tell you my middle name is “The Grinch”



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