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Hello World or is that too presumptuous, it probably is, hopefully I won’t be rambling on to myself and there will be someone out there interested. I would like to introduce myself, I am Donna and if you’ve looked at the web site you will have seen we are a small family owned farm in Wiltshire concentrating on breeding elite white Alpacas. Although I have to say that a couple of very special Light Fawns have managed to creep in.



Talking of special, I think my very first blog should tell you about Dora, she is not special in the same way as the rest of the herd, which have absolutely gorgeous fleeces etc… She is only very special to us. I will try to explain.

Dora is our Matriarch, she looks after all the girls, she is a much older girl, dark fawn and has a fleece to die for , by that I mean if you had a herd full of Dora’s you wouldn’t have a business, her fleece is so bad. Don’t worry she will never be sold, she may not have a commercial value but like “Bagpuss” (I’m giving my age away now) we love her.

As a Matriarch she is just the best, she is so intelligent. I sometimes wonder who runs this farm, her or me. She teaches the youngsters, is always the first to give a warning, the first in the feed troughs, her eagle eyes will spot you coming from a mile away and she lets you know when she wants to change paddocks or stay in the barn for the night and boy can she scream when her toe nails are cut, she’s not taught that trick to the youngsters luckily, but whatever she’s up to she always, always makes you smile. Every farm should have one, only you’re not having mine.

Dorra Teddy Bear

Dora Bear by Calamity Bears

We use all our fleeces here at Honeyfield farm, we send them all, except for one, to the mill to be made into lovely double knit wool. I expect you can guess the one fleece that doesn’t go, if you said Dora’s, you were spot on. Dora’s was a problem, even though it was bad, we wanted it to have a use. Well to cut a long story short, Dora is now a “Dora Bear”, this year she’s disguised as Hilda Ogden (Coronation Street) and next year we are thinking she will be the Queen. These bears using your own fleeces are made by Calamity Bears, they are gorgeous but can only be made from harsher fleeces, the soft silky fleeces produce by the rest of my herd are just no good which according to Dora means she really is very special.



  1. Rob n Les @ Wellground  November 1, 2012

    Welcome to the World of the alpaca blog Donna. Dora is the most special alpaca in the Whole Wide World, we love her too.

    Great web site and a fab blog, good luck with it.

    Rob n Les @ Wellground

  2. Sharon Whiting  November 1, 2012

    Donna. Great blog n great website!! You’ve have got a fantastic herd.


  3. Judi  November 1, 2012

    We too have a Dora…Our nickname is “Baglady” as felted bags are about the best we can do with her fleece! However, Pegassou, (our Dora!), is very gentle and easy to handle…just getting old now but we love her as does everyone else in the herd!

    I have sooo many alpaca blogs to read now…how will I ever get my jobs done?!

    • donna  November 1, 2012

      I know that feeling well :0))

  4. Gay Moller, Lallybroch Alpacas, NZ  November 1, 2012

    Every farm needs a herd matriarch like Dora. Our herd matriarch, Sally, was slowing down a bit, letting her daughter take over, however, rental neighbours moved in with a dog. Sally immediately stepped back into her leadership role to protect the herd from this intruder! She holds them all at the entry to the paddock nearest the dog until I go in and tell her it’s okay, she then lets them enter. Magic animals.

  5. donna  November 1, 2012

    They sure are, Dora’s definately the heart and soul of our farm. Just don’t tell her as her head is big enough as it is.

  6. Karl & Lisa  November 1, 2012

    Well hello Honeyfield Alpacas, welcome to the world of blogging!

    Your website looks fantastic well done and finally! I thought we were a little slow on the uptake!!

    First blog of many to come we hope…..hark at us giving advice, we struggle to keep our own up to date!

    Good on you guys.

    Karl and Lisa

    Lily says how is her ferby frazzle coming on?

    • donna  November 1, 2012

      I know what can I say I’ve been busy :0)).
      But keep watching there is a part 2 coming soon.

      Ferby Frazzle is doing real good and is really friendly, he runs to the door to great me and have his tummy tickled. This one is definately his fathers son, as I still have to tickle his tummy for him most days. Will take photo’s for her tomorrow.

  7. Zanzibah Alpacas  November 2, 2012

    Great to see you blogging….and lovely to see Dora. I’d heard lots about her and its just great to have a special keepsake….from your special alpaca….Calamity Bears have done another wonderful creation …. Jayne

    • donna  November 2, 2012

      Well it’s thanks to you I have a Dora Bear. I’d never heard of them untill I saw the lovely bears on your blog. So Thank you Jayne we now really look forward to shearing time with Dora, so that we can have another bear.

  8. Tafferbear  November 2, 2012

    Great setting, in what really is glorious Wiltshire, fantastic family run farm which is very well maintained and bio secure. When I last visited I was even treated to a cup of tea with a lovely homemade sumptious chocolate cake, yum yum. Getting back to it, a gorgeous and healthy herd coupled with sensible answers to all my questions makes for a very well run secure business. Well done to all of you and how far you have come in such a short time . I wish you all the best for what I believe is going to be a successful venture both to yourselves and the alpaca community in general. Thanks again, Richard.


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