Hello Honey I’m Home!

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On Friday I mentioned that at the weekend there was going to be a surprise for someone special.  Well now that surprise has happened I can tell you all about it.

The surprise was for my sister who celebrated her 40th birthday on Wednesday.  Her husband Bill & best friend Heidi organized a surprise spa weekend away in Bath.  Eight of Joanna’s girl friends and me were waiting at the train station, suitcases in hand, much to the surprise of my sister and we were off.

A very enjoyable weekend was had by all; we were massaged, manicured etc.. and spent a fabulous few hours in the Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool. Later we were escorted to our own private dining room where we enjoyed a fabulous meal and maybe a few too many glasses of wine, like you do :0))

After filling up on a fabulous breakfast this morning, we felt fortified enough to venture into Bath and the last day of the Christmas market.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen so many people in one place, it was absolutely heaving, but we all managed to get a little Christmas shopping done before all returning to our respective homes absolutely exhausted.

I thought it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend how come I’m so shattered.

I have to mention my husband Neil who did an absolutely fantastic job of looking after all the alpacas for me.  He followed his three A4 pages of written instructions perfectly, well nearly perfectly.  I have heard the chickens missed me and wouldn’t go to bed and so Neil spent an hour chasing them round the paddocks trying to get them into their coop. But best not to laugh about that too much in his presence else I’ll never be allowed out again.

Bless him I think it’s been hard work as he’s fast asleep snoring on the settee :0))




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