Hatching a Plan

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Well it’s the 30th today and are we going to have an alpaca birth? Will the computer be right? So far Dora shows no signs of obliging, but the day is not done yet. Watch this space!

Neil is in the good books, and has earn’t him self lots of brownie points as he’s finally started the fronts of my stud pens.

The stud pen entrances come right of the race by the entrance to the barn. This is a very busy area of the race as it’s where we have our gate system set up to make numerous catch pens. This is where everything happens i.e vaccinating, toe nail trimming, mating etc….

Having the studs so close to the action especially during mating, obviously I’m not including the stud that’s doing the deed here, meant that just having regular fencing wasn’t a good idea as they would stick their heads through and interfere with what we were doing.

What we have been doing up until now is putting the studs into their pens in the barn while we’ve been occupied with the others in the catch pens, this kept everyone safe, but was far from ideal.

The idea was to alter the fronts of the stud pens making them alpaca sticking their heads through proof etc.. but not to totally obscure their vision.

Neil over the winter has been busy in his shed as you know, not only playing with his heaps of junk but unbeknown to me, hatching out a secret plan.

Throughout the winter months we’ve had lots of deliveries of pallets. These I assumed were all to render into fuel for the log burner as lots of small chunks of pallet looking wood were continually placed in the wood burning basket for my use.

But I was wrong, all those pieces were, were the off cuts from Neils secret project.

Late Sunday afternoon he appeared in the race with a whole bunch of giant lolly pop sticks that he had made from the pallets and commenced work on my new fence.

Isn’t he a clever boy! the fence is far from finished as he still has a small section to put in and make the gates, but what a clever, cost effective idea.

Alpaca stud fencing

View through alpaca stud fencing

Once he’s finished I’ll give it a couple of coats of green preservative to make it blend in put the studs names on and we are sorted, job done.

He can have a big tick and a star on his to do list, see I told you I was kind 🙂


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