Hasta La Vista Baby!

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I’m afraid it looks like the creeping buttercups are winning, the alpaca paddocks are gradually turning yellow. Much as I enjoyed chopping the little blighters up with the lawn mower the following morning the blasted yellow weeds were waving their pretty little heads once again.

What a pain! and it is a pain because not only are buttercups quite toxic, they also over take the grass, my alpacas grass!

Those buttercups are on borrowed time, as soon as the wind drops they are being sprayed off, that’ll sort em.

A couple of years ago we had the same problem in our horse paddocks and tried numerous different products to little effect. The difficulty arises as the product must not only, not damage the grass but also must be safe for animals to graze on within a relatively short time span.

Almost at the end of our tether we were given a recomendation by a friend who had encountered a similar problem and just like that our buttercup issues were soon resolved and so far they haven’t come back.

They’ve up sticks and moved to the alpaca paddocks instead 🙁 Dam and blasted it.

Not to worry the next dry, windless day, the weekend forecast is looking sooo good. Hasta la vista baby, it’s bye bye buttercups! Sorry my evil streak emerging there 🙂

Enough, evil thoughts aside, we are fast approaching another bank holiday weekend and weather wise as I’ve already mentioned it’s looking like a good one. So apart from playing Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll also hopefully have a chance to get my camera out again.

Time is fast running out and we have less than two weeks to go until shearing once that day has passed it will be back to naked alpaca pictures and the only fleece shots I’ll be able to take will be those in plastic bags, best  I get a wiggle on.

Have a good weekend folks!






  1. hugh  June 15, 2015

    what was your friend’s recommendation for your buttercup issues as have the same problem!

    • donna  June 15, 2015

      Hi Hugh we spray the buttercups of with Herboxone although I think the manufacturers have changed the name of it now to Depitox, but best check that as I’m not 100% sure.


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