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A quick update for you on the birthing front. Yesterday we had another gorgeous little girl born 🙂

Armed with my camera ready to take pictures of our latest arrival ready for your perusal, my phone pinged, announcing the arrival of an audio message from a very special friend.

The wonders of modern technology !!! 🙂

Never before has a phone message had me laughing, dancing and singing round the field as this one did. Good job there was no one around to see me, it really wasn’t a pretty sight! The alpaca’s faces were a picture!

The audio message was of Pharrell Williams “happy”, I think after five girls in a row that tune has to be my tune for the year. It perfectly evokes the mood here at Honeyfield, 2014 is turning out to be an absolutely amazing year!!

I’m in the process of saving the tune as my ring tone and so will apologize in advance, for not answering my phone promptly. Hold the line I will get to you as soon as I’ve finished my happy clappy dance 🙂

Thank you Sandra you made my day!!!!

I did eventually calm myself enough to take a few photos for you. Let me introduce Honeyfield Royal Asscher.


Honeyfield Royal Asscher - elite alpaca
Honeyfield Royal Asscher - elite alpaca

Honeyfield Royal Asscher - elite alpaca


Sire : Angelo
Dam: Ruby Tuesday
Lineage : Spartacus, Commish Lad, Commisario, Czar and even Hemmingway.

I have to say I have never seen a cria born with so much fleece she even has pom poms around her ankles. These pictures were taken when she was a just a couple of hours old.


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