Happy Little Bunny

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It’s days like to day that make you, or maybe it’s just me :0)),want to burst out singing. It’s such a beautiful day and added to the previous week of sunshine that we’ve just had I really am feeling like a happy little bunny.

I’ve finally recovered from the weekend and should be using this good weather to start on the improvements that we’d planned for this year, but have I started?

The answer is no, I’m ambling along with out a care in the world. The every day chores are taking me twice as long as usual because I keep stopping.

All the animals here, Alpacas, Horses and Chickens are enjoying this weather so much, I find myself just watching them and before you realize hours have past and I haven’t done a thing.

Not good, I know but I can’t seem to help myself :0)) Its on days like today when I remember how lucky I am.

It wasn’t that many years ago when I would have been coped up in an office gazing longingly out of the window. I still can’t quite believe how easy it was to escape and as with all good escapees I’m definitely not looking back.

Being your own boss certainly has it’s advantages and having a lazy day enjoying the sunshine is one of them. I don’t even have to look far for entertaiment as there is always something to watch in one of the paddocks.

All that’s missing to complete the picture is some lovely new born cria frolicking around. Not much longer to wait as our first are due at the end of April.

Cria’s being born is the highlight of the year, it’s just so fantastic to watch and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. Alpacas are so amazing with their young. I love the way the babies are welcomed into the herd before they’ve even finished being born. The head and front legs just out and all the girls are all ready saying hello.

Mind when you see the size of a cria, with their long legs and necks I still wonder how that all fitted in, Mother Nature could teach me a thing or to about packing a suit case I think :0))




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