Happy Easter

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Happy Easter everyone, I hope your all having a good weekend!

I also hope everyone remembered to put their clocks forward an hour last night. British Summer time begins, well the extra hours of daylight says it summer time, unfortunately the heavy frost I woke up to this morning tells a different story, but at least it’s dry and we’ve had no more snow or rain here.

Earlier this week I had a conversation with my mom about Easter and told her that now I was 46 years old and almost, properly grown up now :), it really wasn’t necessary for her to buy me an Easter egg any more.

So she didn’t πŸ™

Only kidding, I did say almost grown up!

My parents instead surprised me with these two lovely huge pots for my ornamental fir trees, that were rapidly out growing their original containers. Now the trees have plenty of room to spread their roots, they have no excuse but to grow big and strong, that’s is as long as I also remember to water them πŸ™‚

Fir Trees

I will really have to try to remember now my parents have bought me such lovely pot’s else I’ll be in trouble. Easter eggs are much easier to look after πŸ™‚

The Alpacas are all out enjoying the sunshine, the first three girls soon to deliver are looking very rounded. It won’t be much longer now before I have some nice new cria photo’s for you all to see.

I’m just keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the temperature rises soon, this cold spell is not ideal for birthing. But what ever happens with the weather we will cope, we have the barn, heat lamps and cria coats at the ready.

But warm sunshine would be soooo much better πŸ™‚



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