Ha! Ha!

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That’s the weekend nearly sorted, jobs all done, Ha! Ha! not really, the job list is still to long for my liking and we definitely won’t ask Neil his feelings about the to do list, the air could get quite blue πŸ™‚

Unfortunately our farm visit today had to be postphoned untill next week, which was a shame, but never mind the weather looks better next week and it’s much nicer spending time out with the alpacas on a nice warm day.

Plus it will give me time to recover from a little accident I had yesterday. I am such a clumsy oaf at times and yesterday was definitely one of those times. I took a little trip and the side on my head connected with a fence post.

What am I like?

I know, I’m a dopey blonde with a large sore bump on the side of her head and no as you can probably tell from reading this blog it’s not knocked any sense into me either πŸ™‚

Our other news is that a close family friend is due home from Afghanistan on Tuesday. He is a firefighter and has been over there for a year training the locals. It will be great to have him home again, I’m sure there will be lots of celebrating happening next weekend Could be I’ll be sporting another sore head πŸ™‚

No news on the cria front but on Tuesday when my next blog is due the computor has worked out that Dora should deliver. Tuesday will probably be another Ha! Ha! day because if there’s one thing I do know is that Dora never does anything when she’s supposed to.

So I’m looking forward to Tuesday with great anticipation, when I can then tell you the computer got it wrong πŸ™‚


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