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It’s time to introduce the latest cria that have recently been born. I’ve been a bit derelict in my duty this year to publish pictures of the youngsters and for a change it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t out on the farm sunbathing and eating ice lollies, honest! 🙂

It was due to a bit of a technical hitch, my darn laptop of approx. seven years decided it had, had enough and died on me. That’s easily remedied you would think, just go out and get a new one.

Much easier said than done as it turned out 🙁

When you have a son that’s a computer programmer it would be silly not to ask his advice on said new purchase. OMG! Big mistake, I explained all that I required was something to write my blogs on and store all my photo’s etc… nothing too whiz bang!

He promptly replied with a load of gobbledy goop of which I didn’t understand a single word.

Completely terrified I handed over the plastic and told him go shop and don’t leave me bankrupt.

Well happy boy went off shopping, a couple of hours later, happy boy came back, only not so happy. All the laptops in the shops were rubbish, but I got you this one which might just be ok.

I was happy, in fact I was very relieved it was reasonably priced, phew! Scary business giving my son free rain with my debit card.

I left not so happy boy to set it all up etc.. expecting to be able to sort out my photo’s later that day.

Ha! You guessed it, it never happened, two days later he was still fiddling with the blasted thing and when questioned threw his hands up in the air, said it was a load of rubbish and stomped of, laptop under arm back to the shop.

Now I was seriously worried, I had a terrible premonition that this was either going to leave me without a laptop or cost me lots of money.

Lots of money won 🙁 I am now the proud owner of a whiz bang machine that has more buttons than I have fingers to count them with and I don’t have a clue how to use.

Hopefully you will get to read these ramblings but maybe not, as there is the possibility that I might press the wrong button and it will all just disappear 🙂

Here as promised are the pictures of our latest cria, all girls.

Honeyfield Class Act – white
Sire: Angelo, Dam: Touch of Class
Lineage: Spartacus, Commisario.

Honeyfield Class Act - elite alpaca

Honeyfield Class Act


Honeyfield Dolly Daydream – light fawn
Sire: High Commisioner, Dam: First Lady
Lineage: Spartacus, Commisario, Caesar

Honeyfield Dolly Daydream- elite alpaca

Honeyfield Dolly Daydream

Honeyfield Special Connection – white
Sire: High Commisioner, Dam: Yasmin.
Lineage: Spartacus, Commisario

Honeyfield Special Connection

Honeyfield Special Connection




  1. Amberly Alpacas  July 12, 2014

    What a line up…and such brilliant names


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