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My apologies for not publishing my alpaca blog yesterday but I’m afraid I was absolutely shattered, it had nothing to do with our super duper new internet connection honest!

Charlie made me put that bit in as I mentioned about him messing with it the other day and according to him, he wasn’t messing he was fixing it so that it worked properly and so it does, thank you Charlie πŸ™‚

I knew I was shattered when I woke up at four in the morning still fully dressed on the settee in the living room.

The rest of the household had gone off to bed and left me there snoring away, the rotters, at least they managed to turned the TV off.

This weekend I’d been out on the farm with my little JD mower tidying up all the paddocks and cleaning out the barn etc..

I know a bit late in the summer for a spring cleaning, but these jobs need doing every so often else everything just starts making the farm looking untidy and unloved and we can’t have that can we πŸ™‚

Also much like doing regular herd inspections, we also regularly inspect the perimeter of our alpaca enclosures.

For one we have to make sure that our mains electric fencing that rings the top of the fencing is not being touch by any obstruction i.e shrubbery that could short it.

The other important thing to check is that the tornado badger fencing is intact and the tension has not loosened off due to the fence posts moving in the earth slightly.

This can still occur even though the post are concreted in, due in main to the earth going from totally water logged like last year to hard baked like this summer.

Not that this slight movement at all compromises the integrity of our fencing, as we have the electric fencing as a further back up, but you have to keep on top of these minor issues before they become major ones.

One thing we found we quickly needed to address, due to the alpaca enclosure expansion, was our energizer for the electric fencing.

By adding another acre the energizer we were using was struggling to power the whole length of line and so we need to purchase a new one, which we did this weekend.

Now installed I think I can safely say that unless we put in up to thirty two miles of electric wire we are more than adequately covered.

A bit of an over kill probably, as we only have ten and a half acres but better to be safe than sorry.

Only Neil is very very sorry it’s so powerful, as the silly sod managed to touch it with his arm, thirty minutes later it was still numb. He won’t be doing that again in a hurry:)

I didn’t laugh tooo much honest, ok I’m lying, I laughed loads and then I laugh some more. His little dance was totally electrifying πŸ™‚

There ain’t any wild beasties going to be messing with my fences.




  1. Rob @ Wellground  August 5, 2013

    When you named the post Flashdance, I pictured you actually arc-welding. But there was no mention of welding masks or welding rods, very disappointed. πŸ™‚


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