Emotional Turmoil

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My son Charlie survived the zombie holocaust and returned home yesterday with a big grin on his face. He reckons it was a good top up to his degree and now he feels prepared for all eventualities i.e. future Zombie invasions.

Who’s he trying to kid? Me thinks, justification for spending student loan on a jolly in London :0)) I did have to laugh though when he told me they were a group of ten, all male, and they were all screaming like little girls (all except him of course!) when the zombies jumped them and dragged them away:0))

As he was in a good mood, I took advantage and got him to show me how to update my for sale pages. Hey! you don’t have a computer programmer in the house without taking advantage sometimes :0))

After much deliberation the decisions have been made, the alpacas for sale chosen and with Charlie’s help, the web site updated.

The emotional turmoil is truly horrible, but it’s a job that has to be done, much as we’d love to keep every alpaca, it’s impossible due to available grazing etc.

So, not with a heavy heart, as I feel very proud to be able to offer these alpacas for sale. They are truly outstanding, their pedigree just speaks for itself, each and every one of them would be a valued asset to any herd.

But with a heart that’s a little bit sad as for this fine group it’s time to move on to pastures new. I’m sure though a smile on their new owners face would take the sadness away :0))


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