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I’m thinking of branching out, diversifying is the big key word in farming today and I think I’m suitably equipped to take advantage, especially in the current climate.

I have thoroughly researched my chosen venture on the internet and found that there are people out there that will pay good money for a session of what; we have plenty of, at Honeyfield Farm.

Further research has shown that there are many benefits which include helping to cure disorders like arthritis, rheumatism, skin problems, infertility and tone down overweight.  I’m sure I’m on to a winner here and I will have people queuing round the block eager to part with their money.

I know you are all desperate by now to know what I am talking about and whether there are any opportunities for others to diversify in a similar way.

Well I’m sure there are so I will let you in on my project. Its mud, yes mud of which we have oodles of the nasty stuff.  I find I am wasting this precious commodity every day, scraping it of my boots, the poo-hoover tyres, wheelbarrows and even of the alpaca’s.  When what I should be doing according to the adverts is rolling around in it, smothering it all over my body (nasty thought sorry) to improve circulation and make me young and slim once more :0))

Mud spa days is definitely the answer, we have an inexhaustible amount of mud here and so feel free to come pay us a visit, in fact fill your boots and your wheelbarrows, you can roll around in it to your heart’s content.  Only one stipulation, clothes must be kept on at all times as there are young alpaca present and we wouldn’t want to see them blush.  Just please take the nasty stuff away I am really fed up with it all now :0))

Roll on spring!



  1. Rob @ Wellground  December 19, 2012

    Quote Donna “When what I should be doing according to the adverts is rolling around in it, smothering it all over my body ”

    I think you’d make better money by allowing the public in to watch that, it’s not a participant sport, definitely . No cheap seats mind, Circle only….. Neil can walk around with the popcorn and ice creams in the interval.

    No, perhaps not. Dodgy mental image arriving. Stick to alpaca farming love ;o))


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