Did the Alpacas eat all the pies?

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That’s alpaca shearing completed for another year Yippee! Yesterday was positively perfect, weather wise, in fact the whole day was perfect and totally stress free from start to finish. Thank you Ian you did a brilliant job it was a real pleasure working with you and all the alpacas look great even Dora, I’m just totally shattered 🙂

I must add it’s a very happy shattered, the fleeces just rolled off and each and everyone one of them, with the exception of Dora’s :), were absolutely beautiful.

I felt like I was suffering from snow blindness by the end of the day, as brilliant white fleece after brilliant white fleece was uncovered, all full of striking crimp and exceptional softness. If I wasn’t so shattered I would be jumping up and down with joy they were that good.

The difficulty now is picking the fleeces to be kept aside for entry into fleece shows, the standard across the herd was so very even.

I guess I’ll have to resort to my usual method of choosing i.e.. the ones that still most resemble an alpaca fleece, if any, after surviving my clumsy, heavy handed skirting 🙂

I have lots of them to practice on, surely I’ll get a couple skirted cleanly by the end 🙂

Out side of having a happy herd who are now enjoying the sunshine now that they fleece free. It is also a valuable opportunity to be able to inspect them for any health issue i.e skin complaints and weight problems.

A full fleece as you can imagine, can hide a multiple of sins. I wasn’t expecting to find any problems but you never know.

My only slight concern was for their weight, after such a hard winter and the spring grass not appearing until late in the season. I’ve needed to provide the herd with extra rations, more so than on previous years to compensate.

As with most mammals being over weight is as bad as being underweight and especially for my pregnant females getting the balance right is important.

Had I got it right? Oh yes! they were all just perfect, spot on, big tick for me 🙂

Even Big Fat Blue once sheared proved it definitely was only her big fat baby Teddy, making her waddle and not that she’d eaten all the pies (is just a saying here in wiltshire, I don’t really feed them pies).

Sorry no pictures I’m feeling far too lazy today, I will get the camera out over the weekend and take pictures for my next blog promise.








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