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The sun has got his hat on and what a wonderful winter’s day it is.  The girls all rushed out to their paddocks kicking their legs in the air with joy anybody would think spring was here the way they were acting.

Girls in their paddock

It is really great to watch them gambolling around, it’s really hard to explain what they actually look like unless you’ve seen them do it.  I’ll try, if you imagine a young lamb in spring, jumping in the air and bouncing around it’s a bit like that, but with alpacas it’s funnier as they have long necks, which make them look very unbalanced, their necks are going one way whilst their legs are going another. It’s great to watch especially when the older females also join in.  They sure like it to be known they’re happy.

As the sun was shining and I’d finished all my chores, well for the time being anyway.  I decided I would get the camera out and take some shots of the herd enjoying the sunshine.

I started with the yearling boys as they are the furthest away, big mistake.  They are just so funny I  never get bored of watching them and before you know it the day has gone.  They are a pain in the but though, when you want to take photos, as they won’t leave you alone.  They are so friendly and inquisitive that you just can’t get them in focus as they tend to stick their noses right on the end of my camera lens.

Taffy Bear, Woody & Hamilton

These three boys, Taffy Bear, Woody & Hamilton, I have decided to castrate; there friendly nature will make them fantastic pets or as fibre providers for someone.  I’ve come to this decision as I’m only going to keep the very, very best as herd sires and although all three of them are of stud quality and it seems such a shame, I have two more that are exceptional and that is the standard I want for herd sires coming from here, more about those two another day :0))

Taffy Bear's nose

Back to the naughty boys this picture is of Taffy’s nose, great shot, but not what I was after.

close up of an alpaca eye

I would have one of woody but he does insist on nibbling the back of my coat when someone else is getting the attention.  Hamilton just had to get even closer and have a look down the lens to see what was so interesting.

Boys I give up, I think I’ll have to get a camera with a better zoom so that I can take their pictures from outside their paddocks :0))

Honeyfield Angelo's head

So sweet


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