Crocs With Socks

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Having had no rain for a few weeks and the ground being frozen solid I decided today would be a crocs with socks day as I am fed up to the back teeth of constantly wearing wellies.

I guessed that as long as the socks were thick enough my feet wouldn’t come to much harm in my crocs. I’ve had Neil telling me I’m mad and to put my wellies back on before I got frostbite in my toes. But I guessed right and they stayed nice and warm and more importantly dry, even though we’ve had tiny snowflakes falling here all day.

The flakes are so small the ground looks like someone has emptied a bag of tiny polystyrene stuffing balls on it, so I don’t think there’s any chance of it settling. Good perhaps I can have another crocs with socks day tomorrow, they are just so comfortable:0))

Today on the top of the to do list, was trim the boys top knots. Their top knots were so long that if left much longer they wouldn’t have been able to see. Its an easy job and the boys don’t mind it at all, which is a good job as I’m not the fastest at it.

I’d post pictures but a bit like not being the fastest, I’m also not the best top knot trimmer there ever was and I don’t want you all falling on the floor in hysterics. They can see and that’s what most important :0)) All I can say it’s a bloody good job we only enter fleece shows and not halter ones. Which by the way is for bio security reasons and not because they’ re all having a bad hair day.

It’s the girls turn tomorrow, thank god its only a few months till shearing and they will all be trimmed beautifully again :0))



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