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I can’t believe it Friday again already, and not only that but we are half way through March already. Time sure never went this fast when I worked in an office.

My Sister and niece Scarlett visited the farm yesterday which was really nice. Scarlett is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face and yesterday she didn’t let us down. The farm may have looked like a tornado had just hit us, as she’s in to absolutely everything but you just can’t help but smile, watching her have so much fun.

Scarlett hasn’t been able to come down for a while because of the weather and the accident she had a month or so ago. We really miss her here. Hopefully the metal splint that she had put in to protect the front tooth she knocked out will soon be removed and then she can start riding again, she really misses the horses.

The naughty twinny’s are still being a pain in the bum, today one nearly ended up buried on the muck heap. I was mucking out the alpaca barn, again! shouldn’t be happening this far into march, blasted weather 🙁 and found bad twinny was in the process of burying herself into my wheelbarrow full of soiled straw, what’s she like, stupid bird 🙂

It’s a real good job I spotted her otherwise she could have ended up on the end of my pitchfork., not a pleasant way to go honey!

I’ve got fed up with chucking them both out of the barn because they only come straight back in again. I leave that job to the alpacas later, Dora seems to get the message across, they soon disappear when she tells them to shift 🙂

No one messes with Dora of an evening when she want’s in the barn, she is always the first in and first to the hay racks. She may be long in the tooth with plenty of grey hair to prove it, but that girl can sure move when she wants to.

Which is somthing of a relief, it wasn’t untill I saw the photo of her that I posted a couple of days ago, did I notice how old she is now looking and how much I take her for granted.

But I need not fear for her just yet as she has just come through a hard winter, is very heavily pregnant and can still beat every other alpaca here in a race to the barn. Plus she even has the energy to sort out the naughty twinny’s for me when she gets there, Dora how ever will I cope without you 🙂


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