Coming of Age

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It’s been a bit of a hectic weekend here on our alpaca farm, not due to the alpacas I hasten to add, no dramas on that front, but due to my youngest child Lauren coming of age.

I suddenly feel so old, it only seems like yesterday when my children were little ankle biters as my husband liked to call them and now they are all grown.

All grown but showing no inclination of leaving home, where am I going wrong? πŸ™

I haven’t worked out whether that means I got the whole motherhood bit right and I’m a perfect mother, or! and this is the more likely scenario, I’ve got the balance wrong and things are just far too easy and cheap at home, so there staying put.

Yes, I know it’s definately the latter πŸ™‚

Be warned kids, can I still call them that at twenty one and above?

I think that’s the problem thinking of them and still calling them kids they think they can get away with being looked after the same as when they were kids.

But the worm has turned, it’s time to start pulling your weight or better yet the poo-hoover.

Oooh! now I’ve started thinking along those lines I’m sure there’s lots and lots of horrible jobs I can think of, for them to do.

No longer can they use child exploitation as an excuses to get out of doing any chores because at their ages, child line, I’m sure will no longer be interested πŸ™‚

I started my new regime early this morning, well I say early it was ten am, for Charlie that is very early, I’m sure since finishing his degree he’s developing an allergy to day light πŸ™‚

I thought I’d start of with something easy and so sent him down the barn to evict the naughty chickens who I’d just seen sneaking in.

Half an hour later my mobile phone rings and it’s Charlie, telling me I can come sort out my own chickens, he’s not touching them again.

How can turfing the chickens out of the alpaca barn be a problem?

I find much to my amusement that one of my naughty chickens, Twinny, had refused to budge and so Charlie had to carry her out. When he put her down she had left him a present, she’d laid an egg in his arms.

I don’t know what he was complaining about there are much worse presents the chicken could have left him πŸ™‚





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