Clash of the Titans

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I’m so mean, but it was funny, although if I hadn’t hidden in the cabin I know I would have given in. Why?

Well last night as it was so warm and the grass has started to come through at last. I decided it was time for the alpacas to spend there first night of the year outside.

If it hadn’t been for the lack of grass they would have been out weeks ago and to be truthful most of the time that they have been in the barn this winter, has been in order to protect the paddocks rather than the alpacas who are very hardy and would have managed fine with just their field shelters.

Like most animals, they don’t like a change in routine and yesterday evening proved that point.

The gate on the paddock of the main herd of girls was left open yesterday to allow them access to the race. The grass was getting long and looking untidy and so my herd of lawn mowers had the freedom to wander around their enclosure and trim it down at will.

As the afternoon drew to an end all the girls were stood outside the barn waiting to get in and were very indignant when I drove them back into their paddock.

The boys too were hoping from one foot to the other itching to charge down the race to the barn, especially Hamilton who has to be first of the starting block.

All to be expected and yes it did make me smile at there eagerness to get in and I did feel a tad guilty at there little faces as I turned them away.

What nearly blew my resolve was due to the usual suspect, can you guess who?

Dora, yes Dora she just knows how to push my buttons every time 🙂

Dora is safely ensconced in the birthing paddock alongside Ruby and Blue. The birthing paddock is situated right next to the cabin so that even when I’m indoors I can keep a close eye on them at all times.

Dora at approximately 5.30 pm decided she’d had enough and wanted in and so stood at the gate facing the entrance to the barn and moaned and the longer she stood there moaning the louder her moaning got.

When that didn’t get the response she was looking for she proceeded to walk small circuits of the paddock each time finishing at the gate and raising the game on her moan volume.

This continued for well over 30 minutes, initially it was funny, then you start to feel guilty and then reason kicks in thank god because at that point I was set to let her have her own way.

The crafty old baggage knows just how to get her message across and if I didn’t know her better I would have taken her moaning for distress, when in fact it was just her fighting the establishment.

If I’d allowed her free access to the barn she would have gone in to make her point and then toddled back out to the field as soon as she thought I wasn’t looking.

Mind I’ll be honest, if her moaning had carried on much longer I would have given in, the trouble with her being so close to the cabin is that you can hear her moaning over the telly 🙂

You can guarantee in a couple of days if I try and put her back in the barn it will be the last place she’ll want to go.

Alpaca -Dora


Dora what are you like 🙂


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