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It’s been awhile since I last blogged, OMG that sounds like the start of a confession. Sorry nothing juicy to tell, I’ve just been otherwise distracted and before you all start wondering, with my alpacas of course.

The other week was the National in Telford, which I attended, as we’d had entered a few fleeces into the fleece show. The fleeces were a bit tired as they’d already been shown at a couple of shows last year and were almost a bag of bits by the time they got to the National. I’m very pleased with the results as two of the boys got second place with their fleeces, which considering the state of them is really quite impressive. Next year I think I’ll have to be a bit more selective and put aside a fleece or two just for the National as it was a great show.

All my fleeces by the end of the week will be bags of bits, as I’m busy preparing them ready to go to the mill to be turned into balls of wool. Its a little heart breaking laying out a beautiful white blanket of fleece and having to pull it all to pieces to make sure that every tiny bit of vegetation is removed. But it has to be done; else we will have very unhappy mill owners and some not so nice balls of wool.

Also this week I have been updating my for sale page. I was doing really well and then it started raining. That was when I realized I was a few pictures short. Now I’ll have to wait for a few dry days before I can add some others as they are again covered in bits of straw from being in the barn.

This little lad is one on the dirty list. He is The Watchman, his Dam Blue Moon was sired by Commish Lad and his pedigree also boasts Commisario and Spartacus

Honeyfield The Watchman - elite alpaca

The Watchman

Honeyfield The Watchman - elite alpaca

The Watchman

The Watchman or Teddy as he’s more affectionately known is now nine months old, fully weaned and independent. He is now ready for us to find him a new home as a future stud. He really is a beautiful little lad with a gentle disposition. His fine fleece has a greasy feel, with great staple length and crimp definition and a lineage to die for. This lad will be marketed at only £1500.00 + Vat, which is a steal for a male of this quality.
Mind it might be a little while before he is uploaded on to the for sale page as he is a grubby little monster at the moment and the pictures I have just don’t do him justice.





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