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The weather is cold but still dry so I’m definitely not complaining. The cold however is not conducive to standing around doing nothing and so has spurned me to get over my lazy day and knuckle back down to work.

One job I had to tackle pretty quickly was our next magazine advertisement, the deadline being tomorrow. Why oh why do I seem to leave everything to the last minute.

Armed with my camera I rushed around the place taking lots and lots of scenic farm shots, hoping for inspiration. After downloading the fruits of my labour on to the computer I was immensely grateful to find at least one shot that would work as a background for the advert.

My daughter Lauren not only bakes great cakes, but is also studying illustration at university and lucky me she was home today. I bet you can guess what happened next, but if you can’t I’ll tell you. I plonked my lap top in front of her, with all my images and text and ask her to put it all together in some kind of pleasing order.

Her response is unprintable but basically was along the lines of being last minute, her being busy and her mother being a total pain in the bum who was more than capable of doing it herself.

Domestic finished I agreed I was being a little unfair and so thought I best help, I turned the computer on :0))

After a couple of hours we were both happy with what we’d achieved and emailed it to the publishers post haste before I changed my mind again.

Hopefully the advert will look good, although you can never really tell until you actually see it in print, it looks so different on a computer screen. You also can’t second guess whether it appeals to the viewing public.

If it dosen’t its not the end of the world, I’ll just wait for Lauren to have another day off and start again :0))


From this



To this…

Honeyfieldfarmadvert2 copy





  1. Rob @ Wellground  February 21, 2013

    Love the new ad, lots of Q words ;o))



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