Biggest Mistake!

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I’ve pondered, deliberated, considered, reflected, ruminated, and yes I’ve been reading the thesaurus as well 🙂

Don’t you think ruminated is an ace word and so applicable 🙂

My dilemma is whether to release my top stud male Imposition for sale.

I’ve resorted to writing lists of all his plus verses all his negatives.

The negatives I’m not doing very well with, as the only thing that’s on it is that he’s closely related to two of my other studs, Angelo via their father (Spartacus lineage) and Intrepid via their mother (ruffo lineage). This however is a big negative for the diversity of my future breeding plan 🙁

You would think that alone would make all this ruminating (sorry couldn’t help it just had to use this word again) a redundant exercise, and it would be if it wasn’t for all the pluses.

Where to start, Impy is just one big beautiful positive.

He is such a gentleman, a real pleasure to work with. All of his cria are beautiful, he improves everything he covers, he bestows in each and every one, an amazing brightness, greasy feel, fineness and crimp to die for.

For a white breeder he is invaluable as he doesn’t allow colour through in any way shape or form, not a single hair in his offspring has ever been anything but brilliant white.

Fleeces from four of his cria, I could show more, but it would probably bore you rigid!


Honeyfield Angel's Delight - elite alpaca for sale

Honeyfield Ashlea - elite alpaca for sale

Honeyfield Bright Spark - elite alpaca for sale

Honeyfield The Valiant - elite alpaca for sale
To put it bluntly he has never put a foot wrong in all the three years he’s been with us and will I be making the biggest mistake of my life in offering him up for sale?

OMG! What to do?

If you are reading this blog, then I’ve finished rumin…. No! new word, cogitating 🙂 and made a decision, but to be privy to that you will just have to visit my for sale page to see if he’s there 🙂


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