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This weekend we spit tested the girls to confirm they were still pregnant. I usually don’t bother towards the end of their pregnancies because normally it’s very apparent.

However after being wintered mainly in the barn and in very close contact with me throughout, they are not the slightest bit grumpy. Which is great but left me feeling a bit concerned, especially as a good number of them were maidens.

The maidens are a bit more unsure of themselves and it’s a judgement call when spit testing after mating as to whether they are pregnant or just playing hard to get. After their first cria they soon gain their confidence and learn how to stop a males unwanted advances quick sharp.

Scarlette one of my older girls is brilliant she just gives the male that look, she down’t waste any energy running around or spitting, just the look is enough to have him scurrying away no matter how amorous he’s feeling.

My worries were further exacerbated this year, by the fact that some of these maidens were mated to a novice stud, who although proved he was old enough physically to be able to mate, might not actually have been mature enough to be producing the goods. Some males can take up to the age of three to fully mature in that department.

I could have had them all scanned but was so confident at the end of last summer that 1. I didn’t think it was necessary and 2. it was to late to do any thing about i.e re-mating, as we were out of time as I didn’t want them birthing too late in the season.

Even though I was confident that they were all pregnant by the end of the summer, it was always a possibility and certainly not uncommon, especially after such a hard winter, that a few could have lost their pregnancy’s.

Well all the spit test have been completed and I’m am really happy to report we have achieved a 100% success rate, all the females are pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚

A big smile is reserved for High Commissioner our novice stud as half of those babies are his, well done little man ๐Ÿ™‚

High Com, not such a little man any more!

High Com, not such a little man any more!

The spit test also highlighted that High Com remembers exactly what his job is and is very, very keen to commence work ๐Ÿ™‚


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