Beware The Nasty Little Parasites

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The weather has turned and we have been having glorious sunshine for the last couple of days. According to the forecast there’s no rain or snow due for at least the next ten days which is absolutely fantastic news. I hope I haven’t tempted fate by writing that:0))

The wet muddy fields and the sudden warm weather however can cause problems for the alpacas in the form of coccidiosis. These nasty little parasites loves warm wet muddy weather and can cause big problems in alpacas, if not treated in time can even kill them.

So guess what’s top of the husbandry list this weekend? You guessed it a dose of Baycox for them all, we certainly don’t want any nasty little parasite infecting our herd.

The alpacas are sure going to love me this weekend as they are also due their Vitamin AD & E shots, but it needs to be done to keep them all nice and healthy.

They are all looking incredibly well, you would never guess by looking at them the horrible winter we’ve just endured. It just amazes me how well they cope, much better than the horses who are looking decidedly fed up now and are desperately awaiting the spring grass.

Not that the alpacas will turn their noses up at the spring grass either I’m sure by now they are fed up of haylage too.

My youngest daughter has arrived back home from her week away with her boyfriend, so our peace and quiet has been shattered. Maybe alpaca husbandry will be quite pleasant, as it’s my excuse to escape up the barn :0))

The good news is she sure to be in a happy mood after her week away and happy moods normally means baking. Yum Yum lots of nice cake, my rationing didn’t work very well, we had run out of cake by Wednesday :0((





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