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Daisy our German Shepherd went to the dog groomers today, we have to tell her she’s going swimming otherwise our other dog, Alfie, cries all the time she’s gone.

Alfie had to go swimming twice a week up until the age of two as he has hip dysplasia and although it improved his condition he absolutely hated it.  So the term going swimming works really well and we have a quite home while Daisy is away.

Daisy loves going swimming because she thinks it’s getting a bath, a blow dry, her nails trimmed etc come on what girl doesn’t enjoy a pamper session. This one was well over due as she was moulting so badly, her fluffy undercoat was absolutely everywhere, a visit to the groomers couldn’t be put off any longer.

I know I’m lazy and should do her myself but if you saw what came out of her you would send her to the groomers too.  They say themselves it takes longer to clean up after she’s done than to actually get it all out.

Plus they do such an excellent job its worth every penny, my only complaint is that she comes back with a silly bandanna wrapped round her neck


One it should be pink as she’s a girl and two, I just don’t like them, but the kids think it’s cute.  So I have to leave it on for a few days and then it will magically disappear until her next visit to the groomers when no doubt she’ll come back adorned with another one :0))

The reason why I’ve mentioned Daisy is that I was wondering is this Mother Nature’s way of telling us that spring is on its way. Surely she wouldn’t be losing all her winter woollies if they were still needed.

Well I could be naughty and leave you with that thought or I could be good and explain that my log burner is constantly lit and my cabin is not far off sauna temperature.

Why do you think she’s moulting so badly? :0))



  1. Rob  February 5, 2013

    Daisy looks great, but keep that Alfie the Gonad’s dog away from me ;o))


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