Bank Holiday

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The bank holiday weekend has arrived which means Neil is home on the farm for an extra day. Friday evening ended with him asking for his weekend itinerary, he’s so well trained 🙂 Top of the Alpaca to do list is worming, which is much easier when there’s two of you as it is administered via injection. Neil gets the job of holding the alpacas steady while I get left in charge of the needles.

It sounds like a nasty job but so isn’t, I was a bit squeemish at the beginning as needles are definately not my favorite thing, but now this has become just a run of the mill job that I don’t think twice about.

Hopefully we can also get the stud fencing finished and maybe even painted that would be good. It looks like we are going to have a fun packed bank holiday weekend!

I know it sounds as if we always have our noses to the grind stone and never have time for any fun, but in actual fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the sun shinning down on our backs, out on the farm together surrounded by our growing alpaca herd, neither of us would choose to be any where else.

Add to that our friends and family popping over throughout the weekend, what more could you want. I’ll have plenty of paint brushes on hand if they want to join in don’t you worry 🙂

The farm is looking so pretty and green at the moment, what a difference a week or so of sunshine makes, looking around it won’t be long before the cobwebs will need dusting off the lawnmower and strimmer. The light showers we had here this morning were great, Yes you heard me correctly great!

Don’t worry I’m still struggling with that statement, but it’s been so hot and dry here lately, don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not complaining, but the grass was begining to look a little parched and needed watering.

It’s amazing that just a couple of weeks of sunshine can dry up twelve months of rain so fast.

I’m off now all that talk of lawnmowers has made me remember my poor gooseberry bushes. I best go and trim the grass around them so that they are totally visible to Neil. I don’t think they would survive a second mowing down 🙂

Wishing you all a happy sunny bank holiday!, don’t forget your sun tan lotion, Monday looks set to be hot.


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