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Well what a lovely day! If I hadn’t remembered it was January I could  have fooled myself that spring was on its way :0))   It would have been an even better day if I hadn’t had a phone call from Neil half way through poo – hovering, asking if I was missing him now he was back at work.  Talk about rubbing it in, I had noticed that I was back to poo- hovering on my own:0((

With thoughts of spring, I know, wish full thinking but you know how it is, walking round the paddocks sucking up the poo piles your thoughts tend to drift to pleasanter things to while away the time.

I started thinking about all of the cria that are due, the first three in April and that’s not too far away now, how exciting.  The first three are all sired by Imposition and if last year’s cria sired by him are anything to go by we are sure to have a great crop this year.

The star of 2012 was definitely this little chap his name is Honeyfield The Valiant.

Honeyfield The Valiant

His fleece is just beautiful and hopefully if we can keep him reasonably clean this winter, some hope I know but I’m trying, he will win us some rosettes in next year’s fleece shows.

Another little chappy to keep an eye on is Bright Spark, his half brother Marcus was a big surprise last year, we couldn’t take our eyes of off Angelo and Marcus got a bit overlooked.  That was until shearing day and this glorious fleece just rolled of his back.

The trouble with Marcus was that as a cria he was always the first to find the mud pit and then the straw and anything else he could cover himself in.  In fact most of the time he looked like a walking compost heap, but underneath wow, what a boy.

I think that’s properly going to be true again this year with Sparky, another walking compost heap, at the moment The Valiant is taking all the limelight, but Sparky is definitely the dark horse of the crew.

Sparky the walking haystack in the middle.

Sparky the walking haystack in the middle.

This year will also see the first of High Commissioners off spring, they are due later in the year but I can’t tell you just how excited we are.  We are expecting a lot from this little man, he is the double of his sire Cambridge Buckingham and I’m sure with his elite genetics he won’t let us down.




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