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How hot is this weather? I’m cooking but the alpacas are loving it, everywhere I look is an alpaca stretch out soaking in the sunshine. How they do it I don’t know, I’m hiding under the biggest umbrella and I’m still smoldering 🙂

This morning early to beat the heat, Angelo had a second date with Truly. I’m glad we started early as forty minutes later he was still at it.

I was hoping the novelty had worn off and he was going to be a bit quicker, but obviously not.

I think half the problem was High Com screaming and spitting in annoyance on the other side of the fence.

If alpacas could smile Angelo was certainly smiling, the more High Com shouted the the longer Angelo was going to take, boys!!! 🙂

I was just grateful that I’d had the forethought to take a coffee over with me.

Next time I use him I think I might take a book as well 🙂

Talking of books, I’m a just reaching the end of “Synthesis of a Miracle” by Michael Safley.

What an amazing book, a definite must for anyone who owns and breeds alpacas, or even for anyone that is just interested in the history of where these amazing animals come from, absolutely cracking book.

My other bit of news is Honeyfield is on a roll.

Today at 10.00am, just as Angelo her son, finally finished with Truly, Select went into the final stages of labour.

Thirty minuets later a beautiful little girl was born, Yay! happy   days 🙂

I have been waiting for three years for this little girl, Select’s previous two pregnancy’s have resulted in boys, Angelo and The Valiant.

Both boys are really, really special and this was a repeat of the mating which gave us The Valiant ( Select & Imposition), so I have high hope’s for this little lass.

I have been saving this name for the day Select had a little girl.

I wanted a special little girl to name in memory of a very special friend.

So with a tear in my eye, l am proud to introduce Honeyfield Ashlea.

Honeyfield Ashlea - Elite alpaca

Honeyfield Ashlea - Elite Alpaca

Honeyfield Ashlea - Elite Alpaca

She’s a beauty Ash, just wish you were still here to meet her xxx



  1. Rob @ Wellground  July 9, 2013

    Welcome to the World Honeyfield Ashlea, you are beautiful.


  2. Jimmer  July 26, 2013

    Il have to come and meet Ashlea…

    Thank you Donna – Mum would be touched xXxXx

    • Donna  July 26, 2013

      Would be good to see you xxx


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