And Just Like Magic it’s All Gone

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I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and green fields, the snow had all been washed away by the rain through the night. Hooray!!! not for the rain but for the disappearing snow.

The alpacas couldn’t believe their eyes when I opened the barn door and they looked out at green fields, they were so shocked, they were reluctant to leave the barn at first, the big babies.

It wasn’t long though before they were chasing me up the race, to get to their paddocks where they had a good pronking session before settling down to eating the grass.

One good thing about the snow was the horses came in clean every night, today it was back to scraping the mud of them before them before putting them to bed in their stables.

Nasty job. don’t know how they can get so covered in it, I think Charlie does it on purpose as he loves to be groomed and the more mud he can coat himself in, the longer I have to take to groom him. Bad horse!

Today has just been a day of catching up on all the jobs we haven’t been able to do this past week i.e poo-hoovering the paddocks.

It was made more pleasurable though by seeing all the animals outside enjoying the sunshine, even the chickens made an appearance today. They came flying over to me to see if I had any corn for them.

The Peking chickens are so funny when they fly, they sort of skim the ground, without really looking where they are going and then bounce down and start again, bit like a bouncing bomb. From their reaction when they bounce I don’t think they even realized they were airborne, so funny.

I know you shouldn’t wish your life away but after the recent weather please forgive me because I can’t help it. January is almost over and then we only have to survive Feburary to reach March, dry weather, sunshine and spring. Only 33 days and counting untill the 1st March how cool is that.


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