An Update

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What’s going on? Having just checked the weather forecast yet again, tomorrow at midday the temp is set to be 8 degree’s and at midnight it will be 11 degree’s. What’s that all about? Do we all need to turn nocturnal?

That’s all I need after the last few days, phew I’m glad there over! Was I stressed on Wednesday? well if I was, it was nothing compared to waking up Thursday morning and finding my son still hadn’t finished his final project/dissertation. It wasn’t a deja vu moment after all, it was much, much worse!

As the hours sped by and the two o’clock deadline crept ever nearer, I was really starting to panic.

It was no longer the case of keeping him on track, but instead keeping his despair at bay and not letting him give up. A late entry is better than no entry, even though that would lose him 40% of his grade. I just couldn’t let him give up on four years hard work.

At twelve thirty we got the two copies printed off, thank god we’d just purchased a new high speed printer, and I drove to Staples in Swindon to get them both ring bound.

Please! Please! Please! let there be someone there who can use the ring binding machine and please let there not be a queue!

Someone was watching over us as I ran straight in to an empty counter, phew! Job completed I raced home to find Charlie burning the CD’s that had to accompany his project.

I chucked him his jeans and shoes and threw him out of the door to my dad who was waiting with his engine reving.

I’ll not tell you how quick they drove down the motorway to Bristol as I don’t want to incriminate anybody, but even with the five miles of road works Charlie was ejected out of my dad’s car at the university’s door at 1.59 pm.

The tape was just being put across as he arrived, he had seconds to get there!

Did he make it?, he did! pajama bottoms, no, but if you’d have looked under his coat he still had his pyjama top on 🙂

Relieved is not an adequate word for how I feel, I probably have a few more white hairs. Charlie how ever is still sleeping, he gets today off and then it’s revision for his exam’s, I will be so glad when this is all over.

The trouble is I have all this to look forward to next year as it will be my Daughter who will be at the end of her Degree. I guess I better order the hair dye in readiness as between them I’ll be totally white.

I guess the alpacas won’t be the only white’s here on the farm 🙂


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