Alpacas & The Elements

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We’ve had alpacas in the snow, alpacas in the wind and rain and for the last few days we’ve had alpacas enjoying the sunshine. I say alpacas in the wind, rain and snow, with a little smile because my pampered herd never have to cope with that weather at all. They were tucked up nice and snug in the barn, I’m such a soft touch 🙂

My last blog contained pictures of the boys rear ends, so today I thought I’d make up for publishing a row of bottoms and share some shots of the girls enjoying the sunshine yesterday. Unlike the boys they are far more interested in eating the grass than me and so I have managed to take picture’s of more than just backsides, female alpacas are just so more sensible.

Alpacas in the SunshineThis is where I could do with a wide angled lens and perhaps then I could get a few more of them in the shot.

Alpacas seeking shade

Did I say the girls were more sensible?  I didn’t think it was that warm, but then I’m not wearing a full alpaca fleece and with child 🙂

Ruby TuesdayTalking of with child, this is Ruby Tuesday and according to mating dates should be the first to deliver this year. Last year Ruby gave birth to a beautiful female cria who we named Truly Scrumptious. Truly is a totally gorgeous girl with an amazing fleece and so we are really looking forward to the arrival of Ruby’s next cria.

Blue MoonThis is Blue Moon and Select, Blue is in the foreground. Blue is Ruby’s mother and is a real stunner, her fleeces still win every senior class I enter her in. Blue is also nearly due to birth, her dates are approximately a week shy of Ruby’s. Select has a little longer to go but produces amazing cria too.

Enough, I get far to excited thinking of  impending births and normally start to wish away the days. However this year I really don’t want them born just yet, please girls keep your legs crossed and hold out for some warmer weather!








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