Alpacas on the Move

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It’s all change in the alpaca paddocks, half the fields are now clear of the dreaded buttercup and were ready today for the alpacas to graze. Moving them all into these paddocks leaves us now free to spray off the paddocks they’ve just vacated, weather permitting of course.

As Swap shop was the order of the day, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to jiggle around the girls in the birthing paddock. Six more females are due to enter their dates shortly and so for Dora, Blue and the boys it’s was time for them to rejoin the main herd to make room.

As usual the girls were a pleasure to work with and trotted of in exactly the right direction. Who am I trying to kid they were off to the field with the most grass in, their not stupid, luckily for me that’s exactly where I wanted them to go πŸ™‚

Introducing cria into the herd is lovely to watch, all the girls have to come over and are so gentle when they say hello and welcome.

Honeyfield Elite Alpacas

Wilson and Teddy took it all in their stride, all though I think it threw Teddy a bit, so many white females he couldn’t work out which one was his mum.

Where's my Mommy?

Where’s my Mommy?

I didn’t think there would ever come the day when I would say that a cria would be lucky to have Dora for a mum, but in this instance it was definitely the case. Wilson had no trouble finding his mum Dora, the only brown in the field πŸ™‚

Honeyfield Wilson & The Watchman

Dora & the Boys

Blue took complete advantage of the situation and left Dora to child mind the pair as she disappeared off pretty sharpish to reacquaint herself with her friends.

You pulled the short straw there Dora πŸ™‚

Not to worry it won’t be long before Blue’s searching out her son, as soon as her milk gets heavy she’ll be back to take him off your hands πŸ™‚




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