Alpaca’s in the Snow

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Snow Scene

 This is a game just like Where’s Wally, only this is titled Where’s The Alpaca.  This could be a bit hard as except for a couple, all my alpaca’s are white.

Any luck yet?

Have you tried squinting sometimes I find that helps?

No, not helpful, I’ll shut up.

Perhaps my blog title should have been the Amazing Camouflage Potential of White Alpaca’s in the Snow?

I will have to be honest as the bright ones amongst you would have already guessed, there not there.  The snow has not stopped falling all day, it’s already half way up f my wellies in depth and I’m a total softy I just couldn’t put them out.

Hotel Honeyfield has one again resumed full board status and will continue to do so until the white stuff stops falling from the sky.

It’s a shame as I’ve been looking forward to letting the weanlings out, this will be their first encounter with snow and it’s so funny to see their initial reactions.  It really is sod’s law as I had remembered my camera for a change, looks like that plan will have to wait for tomorrow :0))

A big plus today is that I think my children have finally reached a resemblance of Adult Hood, about time as they are all in their early twenty’s.

No snow men, No snow ball fights this has got to be a first for my lot, but maybe I’m being a bit premature here as the snow only arrived this morning.

I think I will still take suitable precautions to defend myself from the stray snowball that always seems to head my way  :0))

Sorry I take it all back, I’ve just gone out to bring the horses in mid blog with the help of my youngest (nearly 21) and she disappeared.  I found her laying in the snow making snow angels.  Kids :0))


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