Alpacas Hide & Seek

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I’m real fed up now, no expectant alpaca mom’s have delivered their babies, so I’m still sporting a fetching pair of binoculars and to compound my misery I’ve also run out of Magnum’s πŸ™

Tesco’s are not delivering my shopping, which will hopefully contain my new magnum supplies, until later on this evening, what’s a girl to do? πŸ™‚

The good news is, it has cooled down a bit, maybe we will get a little rain later as the forecasters have promised.

I have to say though, I hope if it come’s it’s rain of the gentle variety so that the ground can take it in rather than the heavy stuff we got the other night.

That was a complete waste of time, especially considering how heavy it was, you would have thought that at least some would have penetrated the soil and given the grass growth a boost.

But no! it just bounced off the baked ground and ran away, sounds about right πŸ™

I’m not really fed up, I’m just playing with you:)

Having bred alpacas for a few years now, I’ve learnt to kerb my impatience, alpacas are a law unto themselves and are never very concerned with their due dates.

I’m sure they hold on longer if they think your really keen, so now I’m showing a complete lack of interest, lets see if that works πŸ™‚

Tesco’s will also soon deliver my magnum’s, I hope πŸ™‚

But the best news is my grass shortage will soon be resolved, as my new extra alpaca badger proofed paddocks will soon be ready for use. Yippee!!!

This weather has been perfect for my new paddocks, after the paddocks were fully badger fenced we cut the grass on the lowest possible cut and left the sun to do it’s job, burning off any traces of contamination present. After only 21 days the fields are deemed safe.

All that’s left to do now is build a new field shelter to go out there and we’ll be ready to move the girls all over.

Mind looking at the grass in there today it will need cutting again first, it’s got a tad long, and after all my moaning about having babies, I know if I put them out there as it is, I’ll never be able to find them and I’m far to old to be playing alpaca hide & seek πŸ™‚






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