Alpaca Trenches Revisited

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The trenching for the new alpaca enclosures are coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished later today.

Well it had better be finished because the fencer is coming tomorrow morning at 8am sharp to start ramming in all the post.

Do you detect the note of doubt creeping in? There is, probably because I have bodge it and scarper, aka Neil and Charlie, out there now playing with the JCB.

The trench due to my superb organisation skills πŸ™‚ was started on Monday. Neil was out of the way at work, leaving Charlie to crack on without any interference from his dad and crack on he did.

Tuesday was also good, Neil back out at work again, and Charlie made more progress.

Wednesday Charlie threw a sicky and stayed in bed all day πŸ™

Thursday started badly as Charlies sicky day was still malingering, but improved later and he got a bit more done.

Friday back on form, Charlie moved onto the second paddock that we are badger fencing, a small extra stud pen/isolation paddock.

Saturday we all had a day off to attend a very good friends 25th wedding anniversary party. Congratulations John & Sandra, great party!

My mum was in charge of the farm while we were out enjoying ourselves and thankfully all the alpacas behaved themselves.

I did have a minor panic when my mobile rang, It was my mother, not to inform me of an imminent birth, but to let me know she was hungry and could I tell her again how to use my stupid over complicated oven πŸ™‚

Sunday we woke up bright and breezy, no hangovers promise, to get the final bit of the trenching finished.

My intention this morning was to keep the peace between father and son. I couldn’t keep Neil out of the way by sending him to work, it is Sunday after all have a heart πŸ™‚

Neil got to the digger first and neither I or Charlie could get him out, he was determined to have a play.

With the motor running Charlie and I ran, with Neil at the controls it’s just safer to run for cover and hope that boredom sets in before he’s caused too much damage.

Two hours later Neil had had enough and relinquished the controls to Charlie. Phew! we survived, we may have some rather big holes to fill in, but I’m not complaining it could have been much worse πŸ™‚

Now Charlie was back in control of the machine I thought it was finally safe to retire back to the cabin.

What could go wrong, the engine is far to loud for them to argue over and so absolutely certain that Neil would follow, I nipped back to the cabin for a much deserved coffee.

Silly, silly me I turned my back on the pair of them for two minutes.

In those two minutes they had manage to argue over which way they were going to cut out the corner and in the process Charlie and the digger had fallen in the ditch.

I don’t know who looked more sheepish Neil or Charlie, what are they like? hence bodge it and they best scarper before I catch em:)






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