Alpaca Team Are Go!

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Alpaca farmer to the rescue da da dah!

Can you picture me in my wonder woman costume, cardboard knickers and all?

I know don’t go there πŸ™‚

Cardboard knickers! You have to be at least my age to remember that TV series.

Actually it was more like yard shoes and a snatched sweat shirt, probably for the best wouldn’t want to frighten the natives, but I did sort of fly out the door at 10.30pm on Sunday evening.

Now I know your just itching to find out why. Well, are you sat nice and comfortable, then I’ll begin. How to drag out a story! sorry but I used to love Jackanory πŸ™‚

It began with a phone call from a neighbouring farmer in distress. It was difficult to understand what we were being called out for, as part of the distress was their mobile’s battery was about to go flat, but the gist of it was flat battery, phone call from the police, not her cows, A419 and help!

The alpaca team are go! Dosn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Thunderbirds but you understand, F.A.B ?

On arriving close to the exit of the A419, we spotted the problem a herd of young cows had escaped from their field and were marching towards the duel carriageway, scary situation!

No problem, turn em around and march them back down the country lane to their field, you’d think.

Blasted cows, give me nice sensible alpacas any day of the week, cows just have no respect for hedges, fences or people, they just march straight through them and boy are they big.

After an hour of pushing them so far and then having them all scatter of in different directions time after time, we finally managed to regroup the hairy beasts and show them the error of the ways before dumping them in a secure paddock for the night.

Drama over, did we get them back into their original paddock, not on your nelly!

None of us fancied another midnght jaunt but at least it was a paddock owned by the cows owner, who suffering with mobile phone issues of his own and was oblivious to the evenings goings on.

We finally got hold of him Monday morning to tell him where to find his wandering cows πŸ™‚




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