Alpaca Retirement?

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Our latest arrival to our alpaca herd Wilson, is a lively little lad and is very happily running Dora ragged. Poetic justice I call that as she runs me ragged at every opportunity, I think I’m going to especially love this little boy, keep up the good work Wilson 🙂

Joking aside, I really am pleased as her last cria Benson had a bit of a rough start. For some unknown reason Dora’s milk diminished considerably after a day, following his birth and so Benson was half bottle fed, half mommy fed.

Benson soon picked up and although never destined to be a stud male is a favourite here. He as a wether has the important role of protecting the weanlings when they leave their mommies.

Dora is getting on a bit now, her face is slowly fading to the grey of age, I know that feeling well old girl. She would deny it of course and claim she was trying extremely hard to blend in, with my predominantly white alpaca herd. Dora you’re not fooling anyone with that line!

So this year we had decieded that if she struggled with birth or if her milk dried up again, it was to be her last pregnancy.

Dora has more than earned her keep over the years producing numerous offspring that are spread around the country and so we thought maybe now was the time she should look towards enjoying her retirement.

Obviously Dora disagree’s, from being very mellow all through this pregnancy, to a text book birth and now to being such a perfect doting mother, I’m almost at a loss for words. Where’s my Dora gone has she been abducted by aliens?

Previously on giving birth the cria is honoured with a quick sniff before she off. In Dora’s handbook for motherhood it says drop em and leave em, the little blighters will soon get up on their feet and come and find you if they want feeding.

I might not like or appreciate her approach but I can’t argue as Dora’s cria are always the first up and moving.

So alien abduction it must be or she is trying to prove that retirement is just not for her.

Well Dora maybe you’re not quite ready for your bus pass yet, we will just have to see, but in the meantime keep up the good work and you just might get a gold star for mother of the year. Wonders will never cease 🙂







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