Alpaca Plan B

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All’s quite on the alpaca front, apart from like most other alpaca breeders we are on a countdown to shearing day.

This is when we especially need the weather to be good, dry alpacas are essential for shearing.

I’m spending so much time checking the forecast on line, it’s beginning to feel like I have an addiction 🙂

This morning at the moment, keeping fingers and toes crossed, looks to be the last of the rain until after our shearing day, which if it dosn’t change it’s mind will be perfect.

But living in the UK, we all know the weather changing it’s mind is the norm and so it’s always best to have a plan B in place.

Plan B is the barn and keeping all the alpacas in, not ideal as they are so heavy with fleece, the risk is they will sweat up, but it’s better than the alternative, soggy wet ones.

Just one job left to do before the day and that’s to prepare the shearing area. Making sure that it is spotlessly clean insures that your not contaminating the fleeces as they are removed.

Much better to have prepared properly than having to spend the extra time afterwards removing added debris from them. Removal of all debris is very important especially if the fleeces are going to the mill to be made into wool or being entered into fleece shows.

As we will be doing both of the above with ours I best get out in the barn and start scrubbing the floor, oh joy! 🙂

On a more happy note an update on the battle with the creeping buttercup.

What do you think? Am I winning? They are starting to look very sick to me, Yippee!

poorly buttercups

Yes you guessed it, over the weekend thanks to the wind finding somewhere else to play, Neil managed to spray off some of the alpaca paddocks.

I so love that weedkiller it soon sorts the problem out, maybe I should mention it to our neighbours, there problem is so bad it looks like a crop of rapeseed.


neighbours paddocks full of buttercups

neighbours fields full of buttercups


neighbours fields full of buttercups

neighbours fields full of buttercups






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