Alpaca Photo Shoot

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How quick everything changes.  Monday our local paper was proclaiming we were due to be the coldest place in the Country, with temperatures expected to feel as low as -12, to two days later having some warmth and lovely sunshine, who can fathom it 🙂

If we do have a glorious summer this year, I bet it will be the first time in UK history that no one will dare complain it’s too hot and we need some rain 🙂

As the sun was out I thought today could be more of a photo blog and so here are a few shots of some of the Alpacas enjoying the sunshine.

Alpaca girls

Some of the girls, far too busy eating the grass, to pay any attention to me, that is all except for Truly Scrumptious who is very cute and very nosey 🙂

girl alpacas

More girls – they’ve all been for a roll in the dirt hole and now sat round for an a quick catch up no doubt.


Poor Dora, herd matriarch, is really starting to look her age.

Male Stud - High Commisioner

High Commissioner who has grown so much this last year and is really not interested in the camera especially when he can spy some nice girlies in the next paddock 🙂

Stud male - Imposition

Imposition who is all so more interested in the girls, must be that time of year 🙂

That’s it for today, I’ve taken loads more photo’s but I don’t want to bore you.  I’ll save them for another day or maybe I won’t and I’ll be able to show you cute new born cria shots instead, not long to go now 🙂



  1. Rob n Les @ Wellground  March 13, 2013

    Crikey Donna,

    Hasn’t Hi-Com matured well, he looks fantastic. Loving all the pictures. But Hi-Com is looking the business.

    Rob n Les


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