Alpaca Fun

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The weekend passes so quickly and is normally spent doing the two man jobs as Neil is home.  The days are gradually getting lighter and so soon we can squeeze some of the smaller jobs in when he comes home from work.  Did you hear him groan then?

This weekend was toe nail trimming and this takes a while, as we do the herd in one go. Dora as usual sang along at the top of her voice all the way through her trim, and yes she’s still singing the same old tune, definitely not ready for X Factor just yet.  Luckily none of the others are singers and the rest were done without much fuss.

Alpaca - Dora


Dora is so funny, she doesn’t misbehave like she used to, boy was she naughty and I’m pleased to say I don’t have another like her. At one time she was like something out of the film exorcist, with a spinning head that spouted smelly green stuff, she has certainly mellowed with age and is now a good girl, once you catch her.

Catching her can be fun in itself because she is one smart cookie and knows all the evasion tricks. It has become a game on nail trimming day to see how long she can evade us.  Dora’s still winning, she was the last one done again.  One day Dora we will get you first :0))

The boys are still in at night and still lacking in manners, chivalry is definitely not on their agenda as they are still leaving me in their wake as they zoom pass me to the barn, have they never heard of ladies first :0))

I could handle not being thought of as a Lady as long as they thought I was, she who should be obeyed, but if Dora’s anything to go by I have a way to go on that score :0))

I thought I would end today with my spring update as the signs for spring are looking real good here,

1)      The Daffodils along the drive are nearly ready to come into flower.

spring dafodils

2)      My Horse Charlie is moulting like crazy.  I wish I could take him to the beauty parlour, like I do with Daisy my German shepherd.  That could be funny, can you imagine the groomers faces if I turned up with a horse in tow.

3)      Rob & Les at Wellground have just had their first cria of the year born and I have to admit I’m just soooo jealous; I still have at least seven weeks to wait before mine start arriving.

4)      A broody hen.  I can’t believe I’ve got a broody hen already, but beaker is sat on her nest and she’s not moving, not even tempting her with some sweet corn will entice her out.  Best I sort out some eggs for her to sit on :0))

It’s looking good, sun glasses and shorts at the ready, where’s the heat wave?




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