Alpaca Fleece Shots

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Well today as the weather was fine, I thought I better make a start on the challenge I set myself, alpaca fleece shots.  Armed with my camera I herded a few of the girls down the race to the catch pens ready to begin my photo session. The poor girls I bet they were wishing I could have started with the boys 🙂

Thank god we now have digital cameras and can take numerous pictures, delete them and start again.

Deleting them and starting again was the order of the day as the pictures I took were dreadful. The only bonus is that I don’t have to take out a bank loan to get them all developed and then  be presented with loads and loads of out of focus shots to throw in the bin.

Now are you ready for all the excuses, the sun was to bright, I haven’t got enough hands to hold everything in place and  the girls were fed up and wiggling, are just a few.  I could think of others but you’ve probably heard them all before.

To be perfectly truthful I am just crap at taking pictures. Shame on me, I have an art degree; you would have though at least I would have a slight understanding of how to present an image, obviously not, at least with a camera.

How many blog posts did I say I’d have to get it right, two hundred? I think after today’s performance I’d better up that number quite considerably 🙂
Anyways I’ll share a few of my shots, I probably picked some of the worst girls possible to capture as they are Close Encounter girls and like their dad their fleeces are so very, very fine and soft it’s almost impossible to part them cleanly.

I know another excuse, told you I could think of more, but is true honest!

Dancing Diva

Alpaca fleece shot

Truly Scrumptious

Truly Scrumptious

alpaca fleece


Truly’s fleece is short as she was cria shorn. The rest of the shots go down hill rapidly as you can see from PH’s below and I didn’t think it was possible to make them look any worse, but I sure managed it 🙁

Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

alpaca fleece
I’m hoping my failure today is down to the fleeces being so supper soft and difficult to take, other wise I’m getting worse. I took a picture of one of impositions youngsters the other day and although it’s not a perfect representation it’s a lot better than the one’s above.

The Valiant

The Valiant

alpaca fleece

That or the boys don’t wiggle as much 🙂



  1. Barbara @ Beck Brow Alpacas  May 18, 2013

    Nothing wrong with those shots Donna…certainly better then we manage to achieve…I especially like Perfect Harmony’s fleece pic.



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