Alpaca Extension

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It’s all go down here on our alpaca farm in Wiltshire, while the sun is shinning we are taking every opportunity to get our bigger jobs of our never ending list done.

Starting with the most important which is how our farm, acreage wise, is divided between our four horse’s and our expanding alpaca herd.

Up untill now it has been about an even split, but this is not working out very well especially for the horses.

There’s just far too much grass, the horse’s can’t keep up and are becoming fat, which is never a good thing.

How long ago was it I was moaning we never had enough grass? I know go on say it! Some people are just never happy πŸ™‚

Well the reason we never had enough grass at the end of winter is because of the land divide and so we are now in the process of rectifying the situation.

It sounds straight forward, but due to our strict biosecurity regime this is not the case.

We took the decision when starting our alpaca enterprise to further protect our alpaca herd from disease, especially bTB by enclosing all our alpaca paddocks with Tornado Badger Fencing. So simply moving the alpacas to graze in the horse fields which are only post and rail fenced is not an option.

Badger fencing sounds like a nasty, time consuming job as it’s a bit like an ice berg half the fence is underground, but in reality it’s not that bad as long as you’ve prepared well and of course you have decent weather, otherwise it can get a tad muddy πŸ™‚

On Monday the large paddock next to the alpaca enclosure was stripped of all it’s post and rail fencing in readiness for the arrival of a one and a half ton JCB.

This was promptly delivered monday afternoon and work commenced on digging the trenches that the underground part of the badger fencing is laid down into.

The reason the fencing is laid down and away underground is to prevent badger’s from digging there way in.

Charlie has been in charge of the JCB and digging the trenches. All those years of playing computer games has finally paid of as his eye, hand coordination is spot on and he’s maneuvering the little machine like a professional.

How straight and neat are these trenches?

badger fencing trench

Got to be nice otherwise he’ll disappear back indoors on his computer πŸ™‚

We did let Neil have a go with the digger but the less said about that better, I’ll just leave you with your imagination and the words extremely dangerous πŸ™‚










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